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Team Approach

There are differing approaches to selling real estate. At Wood Williams Realty we would argue that every property has its own story, needs its own marketing strategy, and should have a sales team modeled to execute it. This strategy involves

  • creative input
  • right pricing
  • correct timing - “tipping point” strategies
  • sales team that understands, can communicate that strategy, and close
We have learned that creative input from different directions of equal voice help build a story, and that success may call for different selling voices. A team populated with “hip” agents might be more appropriate at a condominium project directed at first time buyers than one for move down buyers. A historic property may call for a different sales group than a contemporary one.

At Wood Williams Realty we have the experience to understand the different needs of properties. We are willing to reach out to the Realtor community when needed to build the best sales group. We have a strong list of Realtors very interested in taking part. Involving the broader community brings attention and excitement to each project, and the flexibility to manage multiple projects at the same time.

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