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Our Marketing services leverage our experience with successful properties and projects with our creative talent and that of specialized service providers. These services not only help Sellers/ Developers brand their product but help them target those who will buy it.

Marketing is story telling. Each story is unique.

Situation: In 2006 we were invited to help market the Forest Apartments during its conversion to condominiums. The Forest Apartments were very well built apartments designed originally in 1940 for medical employees of area hospitals. Unlike the traditional architecture of the surrounding neighborhood, the Forest Apartments had flat roofs and contemporary stonework at the doorways.

Solution: That dilemma became a hallmark of the final product. We envisioned a property, an island, all to itself with a South Florida look and feel called The Grove. The flat roofs became an asset. Art deco tile work, a pool, fencing, and “summery” exterior colors, were all added with the intention of turning The Forest Apartments into The Grove, a “fun”, branded destination; targeting a younger buyer.