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About Us

From condominium and luxury home brokerage to development and marketing consulting, Wood Williams Realty offers an intimate knowledge of the Charlotte Center City and its surrounding neighborhoods. Mix that with years of business and real estate experience and you will understand what sets Scot Williams Realty apart. Give us a try. I think you will find us extraordinary!

At Wood Williams Realty our mission is to be a realty company modeled after a small investment bank, where a group of entrepreneurial agents can flourish. The prototypical agent is highly successful and seasoned, one who enjoys a platform on which creative ideas can be shared. We intend for this platform to be expansive instead of limiting.

Our agents conduct all activities in a reputable manner and in compliance with all laws, regulations, codes of ethics, real estate rules, and guidelines or association membership criteria. This is essential both to be in compliance with law and to earn and keep our clients trust.

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